Creating a One-Of-A-Kind Radio Ad


Listeners hear dozens of radio ads on a daily basis. They’re also bombarded with hundreds more advertisements on the television, on the Internet, in the mail, and on outdoor signage on the way to and from work or activities. So how do you create a radio ad that will cut through the clutter and help you stand out from the crowd?

Knowing who you are trying to reach is a critical first step in crafting the right message.  Follow these important guidelines when creating your radio ad.

Know Your Target Audience and Demographic

Once you’ve defined your key target customers, you’ll want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • First and foremost, what’s in it for them? Why will they want to remember your ad in a crowded field of others?
  • Then, are you trying to reach the customer that is already purchasing your products and interested in your brand? Or, are you trying to reach someone who isn’t a customer but could be one in the future?
If you’re trying to appeal to an existing customer, your radio ad is in some ways easier to create because these people have already shown interest in your product and brand. This message could focus on a seasonal promotion or a sale price for a particular product or service.

Reaching listeners that could turn into future customers should use a different and more creative approach. Your ad should generate interest and educate the listener about your brand, product, and services.

Also consider the age, gender, professional status, interests, and watering holes of your target customer. This will directly affect the promotion or angle, the words you use, the tone, the timing, and the radio station you choose to run the ad.

Make Your Message Simple and Clear

Many radio ads are guilty of being too complex – trying to cram as many details as possible into 60 seconds. Ads that are simple, clear, and easy to understand are best. This makes them easy to remember – and repeat. The simpler the message, the better chance the listener will think of your business when it comes time to make a purchase.

Jot down the primary and secondary messages you want to articulate in your ad, then narrow down that list to two or three main points. Avoid being too clever. Focus on the high-level promotion details, or how your business helps solve the customer’s problem.

Repeating the primary message is also recommended. Repetition assures the message is understood and the information is heard correctly.

Make Your Message Hard to Ignore

Make It Interesting

Creating a message that is simple and clear doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting. If you create a message that grabs the attention of the listener, they are likely to absorb the information you’re sharing. Avoid being like all the other ads you hear on the radio. Share a story, make a point, and be original.

Create an Image in the Mind of the Listener

Your message should paint a picture in the minds of the listener. Share an experience of someone using your product. Have a long-time customer share a quick story of your service – or what sets you apart from the competition. If listeners can see themselves in the same scenario, they’re more likely to come to you first when it comes time to buy.

Be Authentic

Remember that your customers and future customers are buying from human beings. Being authentic is one of the most critical ways to reach listeners. Create a connection with your listeners by sharing your brand’s uniqueness by sharing your passion. Sharing how your brand can help them solve a problem or achieve a goal will build trust between them and you and will enhance your credibility.

Choose the Right Words

Choosing the right words to convey your business is key.  Even a reasoned radio pro will tell you that writing effective radio copy is difficult.  However, it’s our business to have a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t.  Watch the video below for a great example of picking the right words…

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Keep your target listener top-of-mind, and you will be well on your way to reaching the right audience. If you follow these guidelines, you will pique the interest of your listeners. Contact us and learn more about getting your business on the radio.