Digital Ads

Priority Media station sites average more than 85,000 visitors per month and more than 250,000 page impressions. Banner advertising gives you the opportunity to capitalize on that traffic and increase the frequency of your message.  By integrating web advertising into your marketing or lead-generation campaign, you extend your brand exposure to a highly targeted audience of customers.

Unique Ad Placement

Home Page: Averaging more than 25,000 views per month, each of our station home pages is the most popular page on the site. In addition to top, bottom, and side ads, the home page has middle advertising positions available between news articles.

Run of Site: Advertising on a station website is not limited to just a single page or position.  Your ad can rotate on all the main pages giving your message more exposure.

Position Sponsorships: By default, up to 5 ads rotate in each banner ad position.  When you sponsor a position, you guarantee your ad is the only one that appears.

Page Takeovers: This is the “next step” to the previous sponsorship.  When you sponsor a page “take over”, this means that your business is the only ad that appears on the page in all positions.  Page takeovers are normally one-day events and include special on-air promotions throughout the day.

Common Ad Sizes