Zack Butler
Sales Associate

Zack Butler is a central PA native born and raised in Clearfield. After graduating from Penn State he began managing restaurants and bars in State College before making the transition into sales.

Leveraging his restaurant experience he worked for Sysco in central Virginia where he learned how to use products and services to solve customers’ problems. Zack worked closely with his customers doing more for them than just selling them food.  He also designed their menus and sales flyers and even helped a first-time restaurant owners train employees and get licensing from local municipalities.

Zacks favorite part of the job was solving “front of house” problems and after leaving Sysco he specialized in Non-Foods as a broker for Acosta and Core foodservice.  With a vast territory spanning most of the state of Virginia as well as parts of Maryland and West Virginia, Zack became accustomed to working on the road in a variety of environments servicing customers ranging from small diners to white tablecloth restaurants to medical facilities.

During the pandemic, Zack moved back to Clearfield PA to help his father with groceries and doctors’ appointments.  He worked somewhat remotely during this time but still traveled to central Virginia frequently for sales calls and distributor meetings.  In June, Zack joined the Priority Media sales team.  He intends to bring his experience with marketing and restaurants to help local customers make the best marketing decisions for their business.