What are the most popular colors in home design?

Did you know that there is a psychology of color? Well, now you know. It will serve you really well to learn all there is to know about color psychology before you choose your desired paint when doing home design.

The need by individuals to have a unique home design that speaks to their own individual personalities has seen a significant increase innovation in interior design trends. This innovation has mostly been witnessed in colors where various color combinations have emerged and become quite popular in current home design concepts. We take a look at a few of them here:

# Tropical green has been a popular color this year

Green has definitely been a home design color of choice in 2017 and is likely to dominate the scene in 2018 as well. Specifically, the tropical shades of green such ranging from lime to forest green have been the favorite with interior designers. The interesting bit is that green was not only used in paint jobs, it has also been used as a statement through green furniture. I can boldly predict that green isn’t going anywhere.

# Color clashing is now the in thing

Home design in 2017 has seen interior designers become more liberal in color mixing, taking a bolder and brighter approach. Designers have seemingly embraced the art of clashing colors, textures and even patterns. Honestly, based on the outcomes I have seen, I welcome this move. It’s about time we became bolder in the colors and patterns we incorporate in home design. After all, it is only through these bold steps that we can be able to accurately express our unique personalities and edge in our home design. Femininity and masculinity is best expressed through our artistic nature.

#Pairing navy and gold has proved ingenious

Previously, interior designers would have considered a pairing of navy and gold to be unworkable. However, this seemingly unconventional color pairing, has become one of the most popular home design trends in 2017 and I bet will maintain its popularity through 2018. The luxurious feel that emanates from gold accentuates the dark shade of blue therefore eliciting a really good feeling being in the room.

#Blush pink is now the new go-to neutral

Previously, many interior designers have opted to use the warm blush tone of pink as a statement shade. However, 2017 has seen this warm blush tone used a neutral color. Its sunny undertones as well as highly saturated look has ensured that it blends perfectly with a range of creams, grays and browns.

#Camel is now the new accent color

Camel is 2017 new sensation when looking for the perfect neutral color during home design. This color brings richness to monochromatic palettes and the beauty is it does so without attracting too much attention to itself. In addition, the fact that it adapts well with other color palettes make it the neutral of choice. In home design, its use goes beyond paint to as its use extends to textiles, leather and wood.

The list is endless. For now let me stop here and allow you to try them out.

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