Gardening Advices For Beginners

I know you are here to learn so without much further ado, let’s jump right into our gardening lesson.

#1 It is important for you to know your region

This point usually sounds obvious however, not many people know that not everything can grow everywhere. It’s important for you to learn as much as possible about where you live. This entails finding out things like your climate and sun exposure, among others because these details help you understand all the major limits and available possibilities of what you can do on your garden. Ensure to visit your local gardening center and they will advise you on this.

#2 You must test your soil

Garden experts advice that before you embark on any gardening activities, ensure you get thorough soil test done to ascertain your soil’s pH as well as nutrient levels. The good thing about soil tests is that you do not necessarily need as expert as there are available home testing kits which you can purchase at your local gardening store. The results generally indicate acidity or alkalinity levels in the soil on your garden. These factors affect absorption of nutrients by plants in your garden. The test will help you decide on what you can plant as well as how you can improve your soil.

#3 Start with plant varieties that are easy to grow

Generally, vegetables are usually a fun and easy introduction to gardening because they don’t take long to grow. This basically has a psychological effect on you in that this early success inspires you and motivates you to move on to more ‘complicated’ plant varieties.

# 4 You have to make a plan

Part of the reason gardening is done is to beautify the space around your home. This therefore means that you have to plan your garden so that as your plants mature, they contribute towards the aesthetic appeal of your home. You therefore need to research on the plants you intend to put on your garden to ensure that your garden will look appealing when the different plants have grown to maturity.

#5 You must water diligently

Plants need water. It goes without saying. An important part of gardening is ensuring that your plants are watered consistently and with an ample amount of water. Different plants require different amounts of water so I believe by now you have done your proper research. Ensure that water penetrates the soil. Just pouring water on the surface will not help your plants because it will not get to their roots. Usually, the best times for watering are early morning before the sun’s rays start hitting the garden and in the evening. This enables the plants to soak in enough water as the cool temperatures ensure slow evaporation.

Be sure to try this out and share with us your gardening success stories.

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